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Sometimes cars get stuck so bad that a towing service is not enough. Especially when bad weather has caused damaged on roads, cars tend to get stuck in areas where they cannot get out. This is where winching comes into play.

In such instances it is better to winch your car out so you can continue on your journey. Don’t be down because your vehicle is stuck. It’s actually not that difficult to winch a car out of its misery.

We have helped our clients in all types of situations. If the vehicle slipped off the edge of the road and landed awkwardly in a ditch then we have the expertise to winch your car out without adding to damage. We want your car to be as damage free as possible.

Obviously, if the car has flipped then our expert team would be able to assist you as well. We have lots of experience with cars that landed on their roofs or sides and know how to overturn these cars in the safest possible way.

Obviously it is also very important to us that you are safe. That’s why, if we come across a accident scene we will inform the appropriate paramedics if they have not been called out yet. We know the medical personal and police officers in Tallahassee and will make sure that you are looked after 1st.

It is our joy to serve you in a way that goes beyond your expectations. We don’t want to be just any company. We want to be THE BEST Tallahassee towing company in town.

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    Do You Have A Emergency And Need Help Right Away?

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    “Stunning service. They were quick to respond to my call and got me out of trouble in no time at all. Highly recommended.”


    “Tallahassee Towing surpassed my expectations. They’re not just any towing company. They really went the extra mile for me.”

    JOHN D

    “I can recommend these guys. They’re experienced and courteous. It was a pleasure working with them.”


    “I must say, these guys were very professional. I had a flat tire which they fixed quickly. I was very impressed.”

    JEFF I

    “I never worked with a towing company before. But if this is the standard, then I am impressed.”